ISBN: 978-1-948075-87-9
Publisher: Steele Ridge Publishing
Number of Pages: 451
Sequence Number: 3

Cross Roads, Book 3

The Blackwells


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When a hacker-turned-recovery agent sets out to prove a mysterious artist isn’t who she claims to be, he uncovers decades-old secrets and discovers a far deadlier truth than he expected. 

In this explosive, enemies-to-lovers third installment of the Steele Ridge: The Blackwells series, USA Today bestselling author Tracey Devlyn sweeps readers into a world of cyberterrorism, art theft, and a passionate journey of two loners finding each other.

Cybersecurity expert Rohan Blackwell left his fellow hackers in the Collective behind to focus on the family business. But when an unusually fruitless background check on a potential contractor coincides with a savage cyberattack, he can’t help but suspect that the two events are connected. Determined to ferret out the beautiful artist’s real story, Rohan soon finds himself distracted by more than her secrets.

Hard work and quick thinking pulled Lena Kamber out of a difficult past and into a successful fine arts reproduction studio. Then disturbing visions of her childhood begin to surface, and she senses malevolent eyes on her at every turn. Add to that, a gorgeous stranger inadvertently helps a burglar steal her latest high-profile commission, a million-dollar painting. With her beloved career on the verge of collapse, Lena turns to a reluctant Rohan to help her recover the stolen artwork.

As Rohan and Lena draw closer to the truth—and each other—the stakes get higher, the bodies pile up, and the two loners unite to stop a vengeful cyber terrorist from destroying a future they have only just begun to imagine.

“Tracey Devlyn has once again crafted a smart, action-packed romantic thriller full of twists and turns on the way to a surprise ending.”  
        ~ New York Times bestseller Dianna Love