ISBN: 978-1-948075-69-5
Publisher: Steele Ridge Publishing
Number of Pages: 189
Sequence Number: 15

Box Set #3, Capers 7-9, Book 15

Christmas Capers

Do you love visiting beloved characters during the holidays? Steele Ridge Christmas Capers transport readers back to their favorite small town to experience 12 new fun, heartwarming, lightly suspenseful stories.

In this box set, you’ll be reunited with Evie Steele, Cash Kingston, and Maggie Kingston.

Jingle Bell Rock Tonight by Tracey Devlyn

When her family weekend getaway takes a turn for the creepy, Evie Steele sets something in motion that will change her and Deke’s lives forever.

Not So Silent Night by Kelsey Browning

When a new recreational drug sweeps through town, SWAT team members Emmy and Cash Kingston go on a hunt for the dealer targeting Steele Ridge’s kids.

A Rogue Santa by Adrienne Giordano

When the wrong kind of presents are left on porches in Steele Ridge, Sheriff Maggie Kingston and her football superstar boyfriend Jayson team up to catch a mischievous Santa.